Worcester Telegram and Gazette Feature of Volumes Exhibit / by leslie graff

Many thanks to ArtsWorcester for a wonderful hanging of my volumes show. Here is one of part of Nancy Sheehan's writeup on the show in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette. You can read the whole thing here

 "Volumes," appears from a distance to be a striking postmodernist articulation of geometry and color. But just a few steps closer and the book motif comes into focus, scores of tiny volumes each made of acrylic paint on bits of glassine which Graff meticulously arranges to suit her mood and thoughts of the moment.
 In a new show at ArtsWorcester's Aurora Gallery, Graff has 40 pieces - larger works as well as a grid of 25 smaller ones - all showing vibrantly painted books on bookshelves. In each piece, books with bindings thick or slim are piled horizontally or stand vertically. Some lean left or right, casually resting against a neighbor. Some of the shelves are densely packed, others more sparse. In all of them, her sole subject is just all these books and yet, through endless permutations of space, relationship and hue, each work somehow manages to convey a completely different feeling and tone.