I enjoy creating works with special meaning and connection for my collectors. I take a limited number of commissions each year due to schedule constraints and commitments to galleries and shows. 
If you are interested in a commission, please submit an application so that we can dialogue about the potential project and make sure it’s a mutual fit

 Please send me any reference photographs (1-3 images/ no larger than 3MB) to with your name and COMMISSION REFERENCE in the subject line

Name *
What size piece are you looking for (approximately)?
Describe what you are looking for in the piece? Tell me more about the individual or space this piece is for.
What do you like most about my style or are there any works in particular that you like most?
Anything else you want to share with me…


What is the process for commission?

First, submit a commission application query. I will contact you we will work out the specifics like the size, the medium and ground, the materials and subject matter. Then we will complete a commission contract and I will get to work on your piece. 

How much do commissions cost? Rough cost estimates (some projects may be more due to difficulty of execution or specific materials) other sizes available.

                                                                                 11x14 - $350

16x20 - $690

30x40 - $2600

48x48 - $4600

Other questions? Feel free to ask