People Watching: Then and Now Fitchburg Art Museum by leslie graff

It has been a delight to work with  curator Lisa Crossman on this exhibit. It opens September 24th and will be up until March at the Fitchburg Art Museum. It features work from the permanent collection as well as works of contemporary new England artists. It focuses on portraiture and the the ways that artist conceal and reveal. I have 4 pieces from my domestic series in the exhibit and be sure to check out artifacts on my process in the learning lounge.  Also my cards will be available at the giftshop. A sneak peek behind my domestic photoshoots and the objects I use as props in actual paintings. If you look closely on the show flyer you can see part of my piece coming undone....

fam exhibit.jpg

Danforth Museum Desserts Workshop by leslie graff

Happy to be on the faculty at the Danforth Art Museum School. I had the best time teaching a workshop demoing the process in my dessert painting series. I loved the varied creative voices and interpretations of the still life dessert set ups. One of the things I like most about teaching is helping people to integrate themselves in to their work. I'd love to have you join in a future class to be sure to check out the Danforth Art offerings online. 


ArtsWorcester Biennial by leslie graff

I have to say Take it to the streets-- is one of my favorite pieces right now. So happy to have it selected for the Arts Worcester Biennial. Maybe its just sentimental or the color, the wood the glossy resin.... Excuse my appearance this was after taking prom pictures and being stuck outside in torrential rain when my car got stuck in the mud and had to be towed out. 


Brownsville Museum of Art by leslie graff

Pleased to have these two pieces in the Brownsville Invitational Show at the Brownsville Museum of Art in Brownsville, Texas. My mixtape typology piece focuses on the value of diversity, a thought that has been on my mind alot in recent months. And this domestic represents continued exploration into the complexity in the lives of women. I lovesending pieces on little "vacations" to museum shows to connect with people in other communities.