ArtsWorcester Biennial by leslie graff

I have to say Take it to the streets-- is one of my favorite pieces right now. So happy to have it selected for the Arts Worcester Biennial. Maybe its just sentimental or the color, the wood the glossy resin.... Excuse my appearance this was after taking prom pictures and being stuck outside in torrential rain when my car got stuck in the mud and had to be towed out. 


Brownsville Museum of Art by leslie graff

Pleased to have these two pieces in the Brownsville Invitational Show at the Brownsville Museum of Art in Brownsville, Texas. My mixtape typology piece focuses on the value of diversity, a thought that has been on my mind alot in recent months. And this domestic represents continued exploration into the complexity in the lives of women. I lovesending pieces on little "vacations" to museum shows to connect with people in other communities. 

New Britain Museum of Art - NorEaster by leslie graff

Had a great time taking this piece to the New Britain Museum of American Art for the Nor'Easter. Show Featuring the work of contemporary New England Artists. It is a gem of a Museum, with a powerful, deliberate collection of art. I loved their permanent works as well as the current  exhibit of South American Landscape paintings and Ansel Adams photographs.  

JUST Desserts Show ArtsWorcester by leslie graff

photo by Stephen DiRado

photo by Stephen DiRado

The opening of my Just Desserts show was probably my favorite opening ever. Probably because I made 8 different desserts and well we all know how I love to feed people treats. Here is a view of all the homemade desserts. They were all cakes from the paintings. It was really fun to display the cakes and the paintings together as making them and eating them is always a part of my process. So grateful to Arts Worcester for the show and the Hanover Theater and the 125 people who came out to enjoy art and cake with me. I enjoyed giving an artist talk and letting people know a little bit about my process and intention with these pieces. It was a great night and you all know how to make an artist feel good. It is up until June so please go see the just desserts collection while it is all in one place. 

NEW REwind SERIES by leslie graff

6 cassettes.jpg

So lately i have been captivated by nostalgic obsolete items. I love the metaphors and ways they convey things. It all started with this homage to mixtapes and they way they seem to capture the common feelings of life a desire to rewind, fast forward, or eject. I moved on through some other pieces and have to say one of my favorites is take it to the streets, it captured my thoughts in the current political and social context the need for voice and activism. I love using this iconic item of hiphop culture to make social commentary. I love to paint things that are interesting to look it, but i also like to paint things that resonate. Beyond that i also like to paint things that allow me to express my feelings and views on life.